9th Annual Spokane to Sandpoint:
August 26th-27th, 2016

FIRE UPDATE – we are continuously monitoring fire season and currently there are NO impacts to our race course, at this time.  Please check back regularly as we will update our website to reflect any changes here.

Race week is finally here!   Everything you need to know about the weekend can be found here.  

Get in the spirit!  We have some GREAT prizes for this year’s contests.  Make sure you prepare for the fun too. Check out the full list of contests.


**2016 Results will be updated throughout the day as teams cross the finish line on Saturday, August 27**


Are you a spectator wanting to follow a team’s progress? Download our free Spokane to Sandpoint app and select “track” and then “spectator” and enter the bib # you want to follow. As long as the team is using the app as instructed, it will provide you with their current location and estimated finish time.

Get your team excited for S2S 2016 – check out the winning video from our 2015 YouTube contest!

Going the Distance for Kayleigh Keeble