One of the best parts of running a relay is getting to know the other teams you are competing with. Every team is full of great stories and funny people, and if you aren’t getting to know each other, you are missing out on one of the best parts of running or walking a relay! To encourage the spirit of friendship, we are profiling teams in the weeks leading up to the race. Thanks to our first volunteer, the wonderful ladies of S2S and a Lotta BS!

What is your team name? S2S and a Lotta BS

How many years have you run the S2S Relay? 2 going on 3


Is there a story behind your team name? And what’s up with Lita?
 We wanted a name that showed we weren’t the most serious athletes.  We’re out there to run obviously, but what we’ve discovered over the last 2 years is that we really just like the break from wiping snotty noses and driving carpool.  Also there’s just something empowering about spending time with like minded women doing something positive with your bodies and minds.

Lita was supposed to be one of our runners last year but she bailed on us 2 days before the race.  We found a last minute replacement but still found ourselves bitter.  On the way to Olivia’s house on Friday morning (Lita was her recruit) we called her and said Lita showed up.  She was speechless and mad, exactly the reaction we were going for.  When we pulled up we had the blow up doll all buckled in to the front seat of the van.  Olivia smiled, relieved, but then walked up and punched her anyways.  We decided to keep the doll with us all day so we could continue to abuse her.

finish line 4

How do you know each other?  Most of us met through the Mead Co-op Preschool.  Some of the gals are friends of ours from outside of Co-op.  Mostly we’re all North Spokane Moms (with a couple of sisters from out of town thrown in there).  All of our kids are out of preschool now but now we’ve formed this bond so we still get together for playdates, our kids play sports together, and we even run together occasionally.


What’s your favorite spot on the course? Personally I love the rural roads in North Idaho where we always find ourselves late at night.  The air is clean, it’s quiet, so beautiful.


What’s the funniest thing that has happened to your team? Last year Diane (runner 6) was really struggling with her last leg.  We were so far behind she was actually the last runner to pass through that leg of the race.  Her van was trying to cheer her on and they promised her she only had 1 mile to go.  She ran about a mile and then came upon the sign that said “1 mile to go”.  She was so furious that she still had 1 more mile that she threw a tantrum and kicked the sign right off it’s post (sorry…).  It was awesome because we’ve all seen her son Rocky have similar tantrums during sports and at school.  A light bulb went off for all of us, it was like “so that’s where Rocky gets his rage.”


What bit of sage advice do you have for new teams?  You will slowly start to lose your mind the longer you stay awake.  Embrace it.


How can other teams recognize you during the race?  We have blue tank tops with our team name.  Also, we’ll probably be talking to each other through megaphones.

If you haven’t checked out the S2S and a Lotta BS video, you’re missing out: