Can you spot the runner?



This is what a runner looks like at 150 feet in the headlights when he’s not wearing any safety gear.

Shocking, isn’t it? You might get lucky and catch a reflection off of his water bottle or socks if you’re lucky. It’s pretty clear why it’s so important that you wear reflective gear when you’re out running after dark.


But reflective gear alone still can leave you fairly invisible, as the photo below shows.



Reflective gear alone still doesn’t quite cut it.



Another illustration of why it is wise to wear a reflective vest and not go shirtless.


This is why we require you to use reflective vests and show them to us at check-in. Running at night without anything to show the cars where you are is quite dangerous. And remember too – when you are out of the van, even if you aren’t running – you are still invisible to cars if you don’t have a vest on. If you’re going to on the road to support your runner, make sure you’ve got good reflective gear on. Runner’s Soul in Spokane and Fit Right NW in Portland both carry a variety of reflective products that you can use.



Walkers in plenty of reflective gear.

We are also requiring that each team carry two blinking red lights this year (like these ones) – which is one per van to wear on back. All safety gear should be worn between dusk and dawn.