Walk Relay


The 2015 S2S Walk Relay is not currently being offered. Even though we love to offer this option to all of our walkers, it is no longer sustainable to our business to include. If we receive at least 10 teams interested in signing up for the Walk Relay 2017 S2S then we will offer the event. We must receive 10 teams by January 1st, 2017.

2017 Walk Relay Interest

Walk teams are comprised of a minimum of eight (8) members and a maximum of twelve (12). A 12 member team will each walk two legs during the course of the race, while an 8 person team will each have 3 legs to cover. Legs range from 3 to 9 miles in length so that a walker will walk an average of 12 miles over the course of the race. Our walk race director, Kate, is active on the course throughout the duration of the race (except for her sleep break!). Participants will receive an S2S finishers shirt, medal and complimentary beer at the finish.

We invite you to discover how much fun walking with a team can be.