Spirit of S2S 2017 Contest Winners

Mt. Spokane Crazy Wig Contest Winners

Blood Sweat and Beers

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.25.38 PM

Dirty Disco Dozen


Once in Athol Always in Athol

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.25.23 PM

Avengers Assemble

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.25.05 PM

Humm Kombucha Best Decorated Van

Lettuce Ketchups2sbestvan_lettuceketchup

Best Inactive Van Adventure


Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.59.42 AM

Knuckle Lights Brightest Outfit

Stevi’s Toughest Mothers

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.37.31 PM

Road Noise Ultimate Raver

Avengers Assemble

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.56.59 AM

Awesome Costume Winners



Chafing the Dream

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.40.32 PM

Disco Dirty Dozen

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.42.14 PM

2016 Contest Winners

Mt. Spokane Crazy Wig Contest

Kassandra Sandaker


Krista Collins


Troy Hancock


Todd Coleman


Most Team Spirit Award

Keenan’s Still In Athol


Picky Bar’s Tattoo and Mustache Contest

Beads For Beers


All About That Pace


Blood Sweat and More Beers


Best Inactive Van Adventure First Place

Agony of Defeat


Best Inactive Van Adventure Second Place

Beads for Beers


Knuckle Lights Brightest Outfit Contest

Jeremy Holland


Sunshine Siebert


Tom Crisp


Fleet Feet Spokane’s Best Decorated Van

Herd of Turtles


Nox Gear Ultimate Raver

Mind Over Miles


Heidi Bresson


Nox Gear Ultimate Raver Runner Ups

Allison Chauvin


Michael Allen


Monica McMurtery


Allie McGree


Awesome Costume Contest Winner 

Daniel Spitzer


Awesome Costume Nominees

Sarah Featherly


Jaime Eldredge


Chris Dunn

bear arms

Best Volunteer Ex Point- TBD

Time Trial Winners: 

Womens Open- Blaine Johnson (6:40)

Womens Master- Heidi Bresson (7:40)

Mens Open- Evan Sims (5:31)

Mens Master- Jody Shapiro (6:01)

Spirit of S2S 2015 Contest Winners

Photos of S2S 2015

Best Decorated Team Van

  • Team Wile E. Coyote’s Road Runners

Mt Spokane Crazy Wig Contest

  • Troy Hancock
  • Kyle Stevenson
  • Danielle Gjetmundson
  • Jodi Suter

Nathan Sports Brightest Running Outfit

  • Jason Jones
  • Rita Davis

Road Noise Time Trial Leg 7

  • Open Womens – Karrin Waters
  • Open Mens – James Vanderholm
  • Masters Womens – Rachel Jaten
  • Masters Mens – Tim Gainer

No-Li Brewery Awesome Costume Leg ( Finalists)

View all Costumes here

  • Chris Dunn – Old Man Poseidon
  • Tom Riel – One Night Stand
  • Aaron Simpson – Road Kill
  • Ashley Bass – A Keg!
  • Josh Butler – Minecraft

Picky Bars Tattoo & Mustache Contest

  • Paula Clouse

Nox Gear Ultimate Raver Contest

  • Mike Jay
  • Vicky Daniels

Knuckle Lights Best Inactive Van Adventure

  • Spokanimals Print Pants “Horseshoes”

Ghost Runners Brewery Most Team Spirit

  • Keenan’s Still in Athol

Best Exchange Point Spirit by Volunteers

  • Speedworkz/ Lollygaggin’ Around (Exchange 13)

2014 Contest Winners

Mt. Spokane Crazy Wig (leg 1)

  • Alison Hewa, Draught Eligible
  • Stephen Fulwider, Spocoffee to Beerpoint
  • Olivia Dugan, S2S and a Lotta BS

Brightest Running Outfit (leg 6)

  •  Stephanie Hines, The Violet Femmes
  • Paul Logan, Jr, The Super Heros

Road Noise Time Trial (leg 7) – All Results

  • Open Male: Drew Polley, The Omnipresent Pimp Slaps (18:01 – 5:09 min/mile)
  • Open Female: Sarah Urban, Where’s the Damn Coaster? (23:29 – 6:43 min/mile)
  • Master’s Male (40+): Scott Stevens, Off Like A Prom Dress (25:13 – 7:12 min/mile)
  • Master’s Female (40+): Heidi Schuette, Draught Elligible (22:12 – 6:21 min/mile)
  • 50+ Male: Sid Rayfield, Blood, Sweat and Beers (34:44 – 9:55 min/mile)
  • 50+ Female: Lynn Vigil, Agony of Defeet (35:28 – 10:08 min/mile)

No-Li Awesome Costume Contest (leg 10) (Top 5 Finalist)

  • Sarah Benrath, Luna Vander (Football Space Girl)
  • Tom Riel, Herd of Turtles (Nacho Libre
  • Travis Rogers, Girls with Guns (Reno 911)
  • Roger Lewis, Mizoomers (Pinocchio){Grand Prize Winner}


  • Sean Michael, Sole Mates (Buddy the Elf)

Picky Bars Tattoo and Mustache Contest (leg 12)

  • Joel Barker, The Pain Train (Shaved his real beard to a mustache while running leg 12)

Knuckle Lights Ultimate Raver Contest (leg 19)

  • Paul Logan Jr, Super Heros in Training
  • Ben Christen, Born to Run
  • Mike Bee, Remind Me Not to Lick That
  • Jeff McMurtey, Minon Madness
  • Nicole Downey, Herd of Turtles

Best Inactive Van Adventure

  • Fear the Turtle (stopped for a game of putt putt)

Most Team Spirit Award

  • S2S and a Lot of BS

Best Exchange Point Spirit by Volunteers

  • Speedworkz (Hawaiian lei theme)

Best Decorated Van

  • Lunar Vandar (aluminum foil wrapped van)

YouTube Contest Winners

2013 Contest Winners

Runners Soul Time Trial (all results – sort on the 7 split column to see how you placed)

  • Male Open: Evan Sims (Six Runners Short MRC) – 0:18:46 (5:21 pace)
  • Male Masters: Rik Wallis (Off Like A Prom Dress) – 0:24:43 (7:03 pace)
  • Female Open: Rose Christen (Family Faartlek) – 0:22:13 (6:20 pace)
  • Female Masters: Jodi Suter (Spokanimal Print Pants) – 0:21:52 (6:14 pace)

Crazy Wig Contest (Leg 1) – pictures

  • #733 – Herd of Turtles, Bradley McNearney

“Road Noise” Brightest Running Outfit (Leg 36) – pictures

  • #909 – DSF Walking, Genie Ott

Awesome Costume Contest (Leg 10) – pictures

  • #501- Groovy Chicas, Melissa Melbourne
  • #924 – Cereal Killers, Anthony Bianche
  • #805 – Spokanimal Print Pants, Julie Gahlen
  • #903 – Fast Women & Bad Boys, Jodi Smith

Tattoo and Mustache Contest (Leg 12) – pictures

  • #633 – Woke Up Tattooed, Jen Seipp

“Knuckle Lights” Best Light Show (Leg 20) – pictures

  • #909 – Totally Tubular, Rita Dinaro

Van-o-rama Best Decorated Van

  • #732 – Deaf Sports and Fitness

Best Exchange Point Volunteers

  • Exchange 13 – Speed Workz
  • Exchange 35 – Smells Like Team Spirit

Best Team Spirit

  • #802 – Herd of Turtles
  • #632 – Shiny Penny Syndrome

Best S2S Video Winners