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2013 Spokane to Sandpoint Relay

It has been a tradition that I write a wrap-up for the Cascade Lakes Relay for the past few years. I cannot tell you how excited I am to start with the Spokane to Sandpoint. If you have written up a race report that you are willing to share with the other participants, we would love to guest post it on here. Please email me at teri at to share your write-up. A link to your blog is all I need.


This race is something special. I knew it from the moment I arrived at the summit of Mt Spokane and witnessed the team spirit pouring from the vans as you donned your crazy wigs, colorful tu-tus and superhero outfits.


I smiled as teams I recognized from previous year’s videos trickled in to the parking lot as the sun climbed up the sky. This race has an amazing, cool energy that is infectious.



It’s clear that a family was started long before we arrived. We’re thrilled to be a part of it, and to bring new family members in to the fold. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to bring this race to you, to work on making it even better year after year. But the fact of the matter is that best thing about it are the runners and walkers who choose to take on the challenge of running the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay.


We loved seeing our veteran teams on the course this year. You can tell the veterans by the way they own the experience – whether it’s providing comic relief or friendly advice. Thank you for coming back to join us again!


We were also excited to welcome a bunch of new teams to […]

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Spokane to Sandpoint Packing List

Possibly the most complete packing list you’ll ever find. Enjoy!


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Meet CLRG Staff Member Emily!

Look for Emily out on the costume contest leg or getting up to wacky hijinx along the course. Our Director of Fun & Games loves to have fun.

What’s your job with the CLR/S2S?
Director of Fun and Games for CLR and S2S

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Top 7 Tips For Being An Awesome Relay Teammate

Relays are a special kind of running race. Sure, it helps if you can run fast, but honestly, the best relay teammates are not necessarily the ones with the fastest splits. Conquering a overnight relay requires a wide skillset, including the ability to endure sleep deprivation and van funk with a positive attitude. If you are new to the relay game, or if you’re just wanting to brush up your teammate skills, here’s our guide to being the most awesome relay teammate ever.



1. Be flexible.

Relays are tough, physically and emotionally, and you need to be able to adapt as you go.  If you are a person who likes to control a situation, try and let go as much of that need as possible during race weekend. Your team captain may need to change the plan on the fly, or your runner may get lost and you might not have time to prepare for your leg the way you’d like. Do your best to roll with the punches, and your teammates will appreciate you for it.


2. Show your enthusiasm.

Cheer loudly for your teammates, rattle the cowbell, plan funny photo opportunities. The more fun you are having, the more fun your teammates are probably having. Don’t be afraid to be silly or childish – that’s kind of what this relay thing is all about.


3. Be prepared.

Nothing is more frustrating than a teammate who needs some of your bandaids…and sunscreen…and gatorade…and headphones…well, you get the picture. Use a packing list and make sure you bring everything you need for the weekend. Better yet, be generous with your stuff when your teammates don’t have something they need, and then you’ll be the hero.

There is a caution with this suggestion […]

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The Importance of Hydration




We are surrounded by it as we run the Spokane to Sandpoint course, and yet the lack of it in our bodies can spell trouble to the hardworking athlete. Water can be the difference between a good race and a bad one – the difference between heat exhaustion and just being hot. Do you know how to use water to your advantage during a relay?


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Why All That Safety Gear?



This is what a runner looks like at 150 feet in the headlights when he’s not wearing any safety gear.


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Worried About The Heat? You're Not The Only One!

We received the following message the other day, and we thought she is probably not the only one who is concerned about running in the heat. She graciously agreed to let us share her question and our response.


hey there…i was wondering if you have any helpful hints for me and elevation/heat sickness when i am over there again?  I start drinking lots of water a few days before, limit alcohol,have salt and sugar handy..i got sick 2 years ago* on leg 10 and just ran holding ice and being sprayed down by my team for the rest of the relay. i was just over there and the same sickness came on after about mile 10 of the dirty half…i have been training in the heat mid day here in the valley but what other helpful hints do you have?  my team is prepared to help in any way..thx


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Solo Relay Runner Eric Salkeld Offers Training Tips for Running 216 Miles

Eric will be running Spokane to Sandpoint’s sister relay, the Cascade Lakes, by himself this year. Eric has run both the Hood to Coast (twice) and CLR (once) solo, and we think he’s a pretty great guy. We wanted to share his story with you; he’s got some great insight into what it takes to run that far on your own.



1. You completed a solo run of the CLR in 2011. Why do it again?

It seems as if I always say I don’t want to do another long distance effort and then something happens, and I find myself wanting to do it again. I thought about this a lot and what it comes down to is that I just like doing it. I like trying to cover the distance and I like the experience of trying to do something that is difficult for me. A lot of cool things have happened out there and I want to experience more. CLR is an awesome, majestic course and I want to do it one more time!


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Join Our Bourbon Chase Team



Did you hear?  The Cascade Lakes Race Group has a team entered in Kentucky’s Bourbon Chase relay, October 18-19, 2013.  This fun relay adventure visits Kentucky’s top bourbon distilleries, so we figured we needed to bring the Oregon beer element to round out the party.


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Meet Beer Garden Sponsor Laughing Dog Brewing

Laughing Dog Brewing
Tap room: 1109 Fontaine Dr, Ponderay, ID
Laughing Dog on Facebook
Laughing Dog Brewing is back as a beer garden sponsor for the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay in 2013. This Sandpoint fixture brews up some tasty beers you’re sure to enjoy after running hard.


Here’s a little more information about the brewery that will be providing tasty beverages at our finish line celebration:


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