“We had a wonderful weekend – thank you so much for all of the work you did to put on this amazing event!  My legs are sore from all the hills, but my stomach is aching even worse from all the laughing I did!  The contests you offered gave everyone a chance to get creative and it was great to see what everybody came up with. But more than that, the quality of the teams drawn to this type of race was superb.  One runner from my team didn’t have any water during one of her mid-day runs.  All along, other vans had been offering runners water (and we did as well), but in this instance, vans weren’t allowed to follow.  One runner from the “Run Like a Mother” team shared her water with my parched runner, which I thought went above and beyond the normal range of good sportsmanship that everybody had been showing.My team has done three of these events now and, by far, this has been our favorite!”
Lisa Hampton, Funky Feet
“This was SO MUCH more than a relay. This was a crazy fun camping/road trip with running mixed in! I have never had so much fun packed into such a short time in my entire life. In just over 24 hours I got to run at dusk with an incredible sunset sinking into CDA Lake, run at night and see a VERY large moose (a cow thankfully) cross the road in front of me, get to spend the night sleeping under the Silverwood sign, and finish it by running as the sun began to break over the hills in Sandpoint. I have too many great memories – to tell them all would take a novel!”
Stacia Reagan , Cheaper by the Dozen
“I just wanted to thank you for an amazing time during S2S. It was such a unique and fun experience. Our team will be in for years to come. Thank you for all of your hard work. I can’t imagine how much you have to invest.  It was also a pleasure visiting with you up at the lodge for dinner. I look forward to seeing you next year.”
Shala Garcia, BNSF Telecom Trailblazers
“To the S2S event organizers: THANK YOU! As the “Team Mom” of a high school team, I’d like to express my appreciation for all the hard work that went into planning the relay.  My son, team captain, was on our team in 2010, and was determined to do the event again, but this time with his friends.  It was a lot of thinking and planning and doing….but we pulled it off!  Of the twelve boys on the team, only one of them is involved in high school cross country.  The rest are just good sports up for an adventure!  Many of them learned that a bit more training would have been helpful…but they’re young, they recover fast!  Thank you, again, for all you do.”
Mrs. Julie deTar, Team Cristeros
“On behalf of our team from Boise, we want to congratulate you on such a well-organized and fun race. We truly enjoyed it and plan on returning next year, maybe even with 2 teams! I’m sure once we spread the word on how much fun it was, we’ll have people clamoring to go with us!”
Joyce Gebhardt, Idaho Spuddy Buddies
“Thanks for organizing the race. I had a great time and look forward to participating again next year. Things I like included the race course, contests, and riding the roller coaster with my team. I appreciate your work on putting together the race. I hope you continue to organize this event for many years to come.”
Thomas Weaver, Moscow Maniacs
“Oh behalf of (our team from Helena, MT), thank you for an AWESOME event – we had a fantastic time. Our profound thanks for all of the hard work you put into this event.”
Pat Judge , Queen City Racers
“Thanks for putting on a GREAT event! It was such an awesome experience that I just have this need to share about it and have other people who also did the race comment and share their experiences so that people who haven’t done it might consider doing it next year!”
Paul Mooter , Fun Friends n Fitness
“S2S was my first relay race and I would like to thank you for a great experience. You guys did a great job. I have done the CDA Ironman the last three years and again this next year and this way surpassed that in fun. I look forward to many more of these in the future. I can imagine well over 100 teams next year. I can’t wait.”
Jim Washko , Speed Kills
“I am a member of team “Run Amok” and would like to thanks all the people who put S2S together. Our team had a blast and we were all impressed by how well the race was organized – especially since this was the first year of it. We’ll be seeing you next year.”
Jim Vroman , Run Amok
“What a great race! Thank you for all of your efforts – it was certainly worth it. It was all a wonderful experience.”
Marilyn Marler , Missoulapalooza
“What a great race! Thank you for all of your efforts – it was certainly worth it. It was all a wonderful experience.”
Marilyn Marler , Missoulapalooza